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7 signs

Seven Signs That You’re Stuck With Your Business Growth… And What You Can Do About Them!

eBook Version | by Alessandro Merino


About The Book

Are you facing challenges with the growth and profitability of your business consulting and coaching services?

You’re not alone.

If your business falls within the categories of Mental Health & Wellness, Mindset & Performance Coaching, and Personal Development, my team and I can help you.

Many consultants and coaches encounter difficulties in expanding their client base, managing finances, and attracting new clients.

This informative guide will reveal the Seven Signs that indicate your business has hit a roadblock, along with practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

Learn how to identify obstacles to growth and take the necessary steps towards sustainable success for your consulting and coaching business.

Packed with dos and don’ts and expert advice, this guide is an essential read for any business consultant or coach looking to take their business to the next level.

Alessandro Merino

“I felt great working with Alex because
of how well organised he is. The results we achieved are certainly important, but for us, being supported by him in the process was the most valuable. Thank you for everything!” – Paolo di Marco | Therapist & Performance Coach

What’s inside


7 Signs

The 7 obstacles to growth and take the necessary steps towards sustainable success for your consulting and coaching business


Do's & Don'ts

Recommended actions and avoidable mistakes at the conclusion of each warning sign.



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Congratulations on gaining access to our self-diagnosis tool for Consulting firms, Consultants, and Coaches working in these 3 main categories:

  • Mental Health & Wellness;
  • Mindset & Performance Coaching;
  • Personal Development.

I am thrilled to present to you this complimentary checklist guide. It is designed to help you identify the key indicators that are preventing the growth of your business so that you can take action to overcome them.

It’s crucial to be aware of these signs as neglecting growth can actually result in a decrease in your practice’s success. By understanding these warning signals, you can take…

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This easy-to-consume guide is the perfect self-diagnosis tool for Consultants & Coaches that desire to take their business to the next level.

I learned that a good marketing strategy is not just about having a nice website or posting regularly on social media. The system Alex created for me is gonna save me loads of time and I can be sure that people that come from that system will be my ideal clients! Amazing!

Luke, Personal Development Consultant

It was eye-opening to be able to see working the strategy we planned together. We usually had new clients just through word of mouth, but the system you created makes me sleep at night knowing that now I don’t need to wait for the phone to ring to expand my clientele!

Alexander – SaaS Consultant

I’ve always been a bit resistant to advertising because it’s difficult to imagine how to combine the world of marketing with the world of health & wellness.
Alessandro was the first person with whom I actually managed to approach marketing with an open mind.

Irene Corbani – Founder of “Il Cerchio”

About the author.

Alessandro Merino

Alessandro Merino is a leading entrepreneur, business coach, and author. After years of experience and a deep understanding of many industries, he decided to focus his time on helping consultants and coaches succeed in their businesses, empowering them to become leaders in their fields and make a real impact on the world through his expert marketing advice.

“With this ebook, I want to help Mental Health, Mindset & Personal Development Businesses Grow for the benefit of all Mankind”


7 signs that you’re stuck with your business growth:

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